Enjoying some swell

We’ve been enjoying some swell here lately.  Daniel Thomson, Scott Sullivan, Richard Kenvin and I went down south last Sunday, and I was able to get a few shots. Below is one of many Bs that Daniel pulls into it. He’s riding a 5″-4″ quad. That’s right, I said 5.4.Baja Malibu_1_DT

Richard also got draped several times. I was able to capture one pic below of him on his new Tomo V4. Might be a 5″-10″.

Baja Malibu_2_RK

Richard also does an eloquent bottom turn as he pulls into a right barrel. I was at the wrong angel, but you can imagine what happened after this.Baja Malibu_6_RK

–pics and post by MB

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