One day in October

October 5, 2014 to be exact. This is what happened on that day with Hydrodynamica influenced/ inspired boards. Surfers include Joe Skoby, Richard Kenvin and Daniel Thomson. Post and photos by MBhydro_Fall surf_10.04.14_3 hydro_Fall surf_10.04.14_4 hydro_Fall surf_10.04.14_6 hydro_Fall surf_10.04.14_7 hydro_Fall surf_10.04.14_8 hydro_Fall surf_10.04.14_9 hydro_Fall surf_10.04.14_10 hydro_Fall surf_10.04.14_11 hydro_Fall surf_10.04.14_14 hydro_Fall surf_10.04.14_15 hydro_Fall surf_10.04.14_16 hydro_Fall surf_10.04.14_22

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