Beamish on Burch


Again, another great feature by Christian Beamish, this time on Ryan Burch. Ryan Burch is about the most stoked guy you can meet. No ego, totally into experimenting, no hang ups. There’s a lot I could say about him, but I couldn’t say it as well as Richard. Richard is actually with Burch (and Ryan Thomas) right now as I write–catching epic waves in the southern hemi. Richard will surely be writing an article about it somewhere, so stay tuned.

Btw, Burch is not a “rich guy,” nor did he have a silver spoon. He, like a lot of people, like me, come from limited resources, but that didn’t stop him from experimenting or trying new things. So if you read any dumb comments on Surfline, just remember not to believe them all. A lot of people write things they have no clue about. Look at the source, and you’ll always find truth.

–post by MB

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