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Tyler Warren re Casper

Tyler Warren barrel

Christine Beamish’s article on Tyler Warren inspired this little timeline-history-of-the-Mini-Simmons post. Tyler Warren was one of the first guys to ride Casper. Casper was the name of the first Mini Simmons shaped–the shape was based on John Elwell’s knowledge of Simmons’ hydrodynamic planing hull design. Joe Bauguess had shaped the board for The Hydrodynamica Project. The board was named Casper because it was all white, no logos, no branding, just the form (very Mingei-ish, which was always Richard’s intent). Of course, there’s legal issues with using the name Casper, heh.

So Tyler rode Casper and got a very deep understanding of the planing hull design. Because of demand, naturally Tyler began creating his own, distinct Bar of Soap designs. He’s just a super stylish guy in and out of the water. His girlfriend Tyler is pretty special too.

We still have Casper here at the loft. There was a time when people didn’t believe this funny shaped board even worked/could be surfed. Some people even said Simmons designs didn’t work. It wasn’t until Richard and his friends started riding the Mini Simmons/planing hull designs–along with Richard filming, writing, blogging and documenting the board and what Simmons was about–before anyone realized its genius–it took many an open-minded surfer, like Tyler Warren (Rasta, Burch, Daniel Thomson, and many more).

Of course, without John Elwell keeping Simmons alive with his historical accounts, writings and documentation, Richard would never have come to where he is today. John Elwell passed on all his knowledge of Simmons to Richard; Richard is essentially Elwell’s protege.

Below is Casper, shot by Ryan Field.


Christian Beamish is a much better writer than me; Beamish is a real writer. His recent article is at

–post by MB

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