Boardroom in San Diego

Scott Bass’s Boardroom was this weekend at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego. Boardroom is all about surfboards …”and the artisans who shape our sacred craft” ( I took a bunch of fun pics below. –post by MB.

Tomo Surfboards booth:


Tony Alva, Richard Kenvin, Carl Ektsrom, Jay (Jay was Carl’s glasser from the 70s. Just a really rad, cool guy.)


Mark Price, Chuy Reyna, Richard Kenvin.

Below is Alva Surfcraft (

Alva is just a rad guy. He and Mike Early will be doing a presentation at the Mingei Museum during the “Surf Craft” exhibit. Date TBD. The Mingei will be doing several free educational programs this summer to coincide with the exhibit. Btw, you should go to these free educational programs this summer. Jon Wegener will discuss palownia wood/boards, Alva and skating/surfing, and much, much more in the works. Attending these free programs will be like getting your Master’s in surf history. Highly recommended.

Richard Kenvin, Mike Early, Tony Alva

Tony’s chihuahua, Earl

Alva’s “Hovercraft” got Best in Show

Below are some photos of Hank Warner ( doing his thing at the Boardroom. He was selected in a competition to shape a replica Aipa sting. No measuring tools allowed…interesting.




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