Save the Date

Richard is curating a show at the Mingei International Museum in Balboa Park, San Diego, called “Surf Craft, Design and Culture of Board Riding.” The show opens on the summer solstice, which is Saturday, June 21st, and will have an opening reception. If you are a member of Mingei International Museum, you get a private reception a day earlier on Friday, June 20th.





Richard also authored a book that will be going along with the exhibit. You could also say Ryan Field, who is a talented and just all-around rad guy (living in NY at the moment), co-authored the book, because most of the photos of the surfboards were taken by him (all the writing is Richard). The way Ryan displays the boards is just genius. Marquand in Seattle and MIT Press co-published the book. This book took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to complete. Gnarly deadlines, demands, differences with the graphic layout person…ugh. There’s a lot of things that go into publishing a book. For someone like Richard, who has worked independently for a very long time, having to play with others who don’t necessarily have his vision, has actually been quite hard to deal with.

Interestingly, everyone that’s still involved with Hydrodynamica–which has been a totally independent venture–has been super awesome, talented people (whose participation has been a labor of love) that are super easy to deal with. They are friends and people we respect. There’s been no long-term sponsorships (no money), no corpos to satisfy, no mainstream to suffice, no trying to do something cheesy or gimmicky to satisfy the audiences who have 10-second attention spans…it’s always been about quality, talent and creativity.

There’s been more exposure into the mainstream as of late, and it’s been interesting. It’s different this time though (thanks to Mark Price’s vision). You would think it was a sell out or something, but Daniel and Richard aren’t doing anything differently than they have been for the past 10 years. There are folks who have been following Hydrodynamica for the past 10 years and know none of this is new. These folks know the deal…and I bet they are watching with as much interest as we are.

–post by Michelle

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