Tomo by Beamish on Surfline

Surfline did a feature on Daniel Thomson. Much cooler when I realized Christian Beamish did it. Christian Beamish is very smart, talented, great writer.

Well, I’m pretty sure Daniel is one of, if not the, best surfer-shaper in the world. He’s driven, smart and has the cool gene. I’m glad the mainstream is opening up to his progressive designs. Which, when you understand these board designs have roots as far back as the 1930s with Bob Simmons, they’re pretty damn OG. 

I’ve lived in Southern California over 5 years now. The surf gets really good at times, but really, most of the time it’s just mediocre (relatively speaking). Richard told me once that if wasn’t for riding these hydrodynamica planing hulls and getting into this new board design/departure from the old paradigm, he would have been miserable. He says these boards have made surfing interesting again. Says it changed his life. Well, I hope we all can spread the love…–posted by Michelle




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