Still in their prime…at 52

Me, Richard (Kenvin), Daniel Thomson, Mark Price and Chuy Reyna went south last week/weekend for a recent swell.

I took some shaky, hand-held video below. Richard is getting a few barrels, and Mark Price is throwing buckets. Both are riding Tomo boards and ripping. RK is riding a 5′-8″ Vanguard; MP is on a 5′-4″ Tomo Vanguard (!). Both are 52-years-old (again, !). RK and MP have been surfing for well over 40 years each. Mark is from South Africa and started surfing when he was about 13. RK grew up in Santa Barbara/La Jolla and started around 10. Both guys tell me Tomo boards are the best performance boards they’ve ever ridden. Btw, Mark Price is the CEO of Firewire. Price can pretty much can ride whatever the hell he wants, and this is what he chooses. RK will ride anything and everything, and this is his go-to performance board. Both have been ripping for four decades. I don’t see them slowing down anytime soon 🙂 –posted by MB

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