Christmas Eve 2014

Having a Christmas Eve après surf pow wow at the loft with Daniel and Sakae…and some sick boards. –MB

xmaseve6 xmaseve5


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4 Responses to Christmas Eve 2014

  1. Phill says:

    Great looking boards. Do you remember the dimensions of them? Are they small wave specific designs?

    • Thanks for your comments and questions. For the Vader, the dims are approx 17-3/4″ wide and 2-2/3″ thick. The Golden Mean Machine is 19″ wide, 2-1/2″ thick. Two boards are 5′-2″, and the other one is 5′-4″ in length. Regarding whether small-wave specific: these boards are basically our version of a short board. So whatever you would ride your standard short board in, is what you’d ride with these. Let me know if you have any other questions. –mb

      • Phill says:

        Thanks for the response. So the GMM would be suited to the same condition as the Vader? I’m currently riding a vanguard as an all rounder and was looking for something with a similar feel for smaller or weaker days.
        All of my ‘traditional’ boards have gone since it clicked with the vanguard. I love the feel of the planing hulls.
        I was thinking a 5’4 x 19″ x 2″7/16 GMM. Maybe with the dual hatchet fins for the small stuff. My Vanguard is 5’4 x 18″ x 2″3/8
        Thanks for the help!

      • Ah, love already know all about planing hulls (and the magic of the Vanguard!). You are absolutely on target–as you can probably already tell, the GMM is wider and planes better, so I would say, yes, it’s def better for smaller stuff. The GMM dims are exactly the same dims (scaled down) as John Elwells’s original planing hull Simmons board that I’m looking at right now. I told Richard about your experience and interest, and if you would like to have a bit of a “higher level” conversation with him about this, I will e-mail you his contact info/details. I will e-mail you at unless you confirm otherwise.


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