Tomo – Vader


Daniel swung by last night and unleashed his newest design on us: Vader. If you “get” the planing hull mentality, then you can immediately tell this board is going to rip. I think over time you develop a keen sense of what works in a board without even having to ride it–you feel it in your arms, under your arms, slide your hands down the rail, view it from all angles, sense its volume, density and lightness (or heaviness). All I know is Daniel was frothing over this board, and Daniel rips, so it must be true.

Vader is to 2014 what Vanguard was to 2013. And people are still working on getting their minds around the Vanguard. I think it’s cool to progress up the planing hull design ladder. There is something to gain at each level, I think. Personally, I’ve learned a lot: I rode a pure planing hull/mini Simmons and learned what planing is all about. I rode Ryan Burch’s Sledgehammer and “got” how critical a straight rail is. I’ll never forget how stoked I was to feel what setting my straight-rail edge into the face of a wave does to a ride. I loved the WTF feeling I got when I first rode an asymmetric design–how the design whips you down the line. I get so many questions about Carl’s asymmetric board when I take it out–folks can’t wrap their minds around it. I can barely articulate why it works–but you know what’s going on as soon as you ride it. In any case, going up and down the planing hull totem/ladder has been a very valuable lesson in design and riding for me.

Finally, I’m very excited that I finally got a pretty decent camera that takes good video. I will (hopefully soon) be getting some much needed documentation in the coming year. Here’s to an epic 2014… –MB

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7 Responses to Tomo – Vader

  1. papad69 says:

    It’s a beauty of a board! Are these being made at Dan’s shaping bay at Firewire? It looks like epoxy with a carbon stringer. When are these babies gonna be on the market?

    • Daniel just came back from South Africa, so I briefly–with your question in mind–asked about the Vader boards, and he said the Vaders are already in production at Firewire. I haven’t actually been on the website and seen them, but if they are not available yet, they surely will be soon. Thanks for the inquiry!

      To further answer your question, Daniel hand shapes his boards at a shaping room at Firewire in North county, and Firewire puts his board concepts into production. Also, Daniel hands shapes up to 200 boards a year with Hydrodynamica. Daniel and Richard/Hydrodynamica has been working together for years (decade +?), so that relationship will always be ongoing.

      • papad69 says:

        Thanks for the info! I checked with my Firewire rep, but he said they’re still doing R&D on the boards, so they won’t be available until Autumn/Winter…I don’t know if I can wait that long! Haha! Have you surf one?

        It’s great to read all this stuff about MPHs, etc. here on your site. I’m yet to surf one, but I’ve just put an order in with Daniel for a custom model. Something like your GMM, but with some channels on the bottom. I can’t wait to get it! Keep up the good work!

      • I have not surfed a Vader yet, but I’m digging the tail design a lot. Stoked you’re getting a custom board. The GMM is a rad board, and channels on the bottom will be cool. Something to look forward to for sure. Btw, if you haven’t already, check out Richard is doing all the postings and video edits on that blog. Thanks, MB.

  2. papad69 says:

    I’ll check it out. Thanks again!

  3. Pete garcia says:

    Love my Vangard and now riding a Nano. Really stoked with the design progress by Daniel and can’t wait to get my hands on a Vader!

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