RK riding a 5’8″ CyberSim, stringer less XTR. Computer cut, hand finished by Daniel Thomson. Footage by Erik Derman, April 2016

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6’2″ Asymmetric Oyster Fork by Ryan Burch.

12115784_10207005375871402_1985986435476280491_n 12115784_10207005382151559_196853757701234565_nwe had a fun run of waves last week. on better days this 6’2″ by Ryan has been my go to. the board is one big positive sweet spot. bugging him for some El Nino boards…clock is ticking. Photos by Michael Sangiolo.

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Psychic Migrations Was Phenomenal | SURFING Magazine

Here’s a review of Psychic Migrations, Volcom’s newest surf film.

Source: Psychic Migrations Was Phenomenal | SURFING Magazine

“If you told me an hour before the premiere that I’d actually enjoy a clip of a rock (like, just a rock) in a surf movie, I’d tell you that you were stupid and to go away. An hour later, there I was. Loving every second of a full-frame rock shot and hoping maybe another one would proceed it. Psychic Migrations somehow had that effect on me.”

-Brendan Buckley, Surfing Magazine

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A Tom Curren Sighting In Mexico

A Tom Curren Sighting In Mexico.

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Surf Craft at the LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton, Long Island, NY

Post by MB: It’s been over a week since the opening of Surf Craft at the LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton, Long Island, NY. We are extremely proud of this exhibit on the East Coast and  so grateful for the opportunity. There are so many extraordinary boards on display at the LongHouse–some of which have NEVER been on the East Coast–boards such as John Elwell’s dual-fin Simmons planing hull, two George Greenough spoons and Greenough’s mold (loaned by Stanley Pleskunas).

LongHouse_Surf Craft_5Other highlights–gosh, there are so many–are one of the first Mini-Simmons (or Casper as the original guys knew it; loaned by Chris Gentile of Pilgrim Surf + Supply)…

LongHouse_Surf Craft_3

…and the display of Carl Ekstrom’s asymmetric surfboards–goodness! Carl is a master craftsmen, design genius and all-around great person. He makes 1/4 scale models of each design before he make them full size. Carl shapes the board,  glasses the boards, and even handcrafts all the fins. When you see his boards up close, you can see why they are masterpieces. Each board is perfectly shaped and glassed. Carl has thought out every cut, every slice, every angle, every texture, every placement, every everything before he does anything. Carl even performs laminate stress tests to measure the thickness of the materials he uses for strength. Carl even took one of Jack Larsen’s (well-know textile designer and founder of LongHouse Reserve) fabrics and used it as an inlay on one of his boards in the show. I could go on and on about this board–the fabric testing, the outline/color testing, etc–but that board deserves a whole post to itself.

LongHouse_Surf Craft_4

There are so many stories behind the boards and behind the men who made these boards that I’m going to have to ask Richard to take over where I left off…local guys such as the late Rick Rasmussen and Joe Falcone, to the alaias and breadfruit board, to the European bathing boards, to the Sting and Laser Zap, to Ph. D. and mathematical wizard Terry Hendricks (RIP) and his kneeboards…

LongHouse_Surf Craft_18

Of course the support of our close friends at Firewire Surfboards, the lead sponsor of this exhibit, was extremely appreciated. And also happens to be quite fitting as the curator, Richard Kenvin, purposely included two Firewire boards in the Surf Craft exhibit–both designed by Daniel Thomson (aka “Tomo”).

LongHouse_Surf Craft_19

Firewire also has a pretty rad display just outside the exhibit under an amazing white tent designed by fabric artist and designer Bill Moss (yet another story), which was suggested by Jack Larsen, no less. I love this tent, and it perfectly covers the Firewire boards.

Our other friends, Pilgrim Surf + Supply (owned by good friend Chris Gentile) was instrumental as a sponsor. Pilgrim has a shop in Amagansett Square. Chris has been a supporter of Hydrodynamica since the beginning. Of course, we can’t say enough…

As much gratitude goes out to Main Beach Surf Shop who sponsored the exhibit and was instrumental in organizing a Firewire board demo!

Basically, it took a lot of people to open this show, from the installers, (thanks especially to Michael Rosch and Scott Bluedorn–local bad asses) from the loaners to the sponsors to all the people at LongHouse, to the curator, etc. etc. we will never be able to include them all in this little story. We can’t even include all the stories about these boards–though we will try…

We hope you are able to view the show (open through October 10th) and enjoy the rich history of these inspiring and extraordinary surf crafts as much as we do. –post by MB

LongHouse_Surf Craft_8

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Surf Craft in Architectural Digest


John Elwell always told me ‘Simmons developed the surfboard architecture”. Guys like Tomo understand this and have developed board architectures of their own from Simmons original “blueprint”… -RK (post by MB)Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 5.09.17 PM

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Good luck at the Huntington US Open, Stu Kennedy!!

We dropped by the loft to wish Stu good luck at the U.S. Open. I got a shot of Stu and Tomo with the board Stu is going to be riding in Huntington. Also pictured is the first Tomo board Stu rode in the contests in 2012. –post by MB

Huntington open_stu, DT

Tomo, RK and Stu reviewing some rad waves in Oz:

Huntington open_DT, RK, Stu

–post by MB

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Ekstrom short 2007-2013

This is a short Hydrodynamica edit on Carl Ekstrom that Alastair and Sean put together a few years ago. Surf clips were filmed by Ryan Field. We looped this edit at the Surfcraft exhibit at Mingei last summer. – RK

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Kelly knows what’s up


–post by mb

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Surfline feature on Richard/Hydrodynamica by Christian Beamish


–post by mb

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 4.46.59 PM


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